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New to Integrated Care Board Playlist

As a leader, Integrated Care Systems offer opportunities to improve the health of local populations by reducing health inequalities, engaging communities and reshaping services in places and neighbourhoods. This playlist is a mix of podcasts and webinars curated to give an overview of the broad range of issues ICB’s and Integrated Care Systems will tackle and the kind of impact they can make. It will evolve overtime to reflect both foundation and current topics. N.B. This is a temporary home and will shortly be on the NHS E Sound Cloud account for easier access.

Scene Setting

Webinar: Peer Support Offer: Making sense of ICSs webinar Local Government Association, NHS Providers, NHS Confederation 1 hour 13 min July 2021

The first webinar in this series, hosted on Tuesday, 27 July, exploring the opportunities and tensions inherent in the transformational agenda, including how to balance whole-scale change at pace with a continued focus on improving outcomes for communities.


Podcast: The importance of compassion in medicine and the importance of self-compassion Leadership Listens NHS Leadership Academy March 22 40 mins

This episode is a conversation between Professor Michael West and Dr Allison Sykes, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Lancashire Teaching Hospital, focussing on the importance of compassion in medicine and the importance of self-compassion.

Podcast: Quality improvement and delivery of high-quality services Leadership Listens NHS Leadership Academy March 22 44 mins

This recording is a conversation between Professor Michael West and Annie Laverty. Chief Experience Officer and Kate Thompson Dep Dir of HR and OD at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the conversation focusses on the role compassionate leadership plays in quality improvement and delivery of high-quality services as well as its importance across teams and organisations.

Podcast: Creating a compassionate culture in organisations Leadership Listens NHS Leadership Academy March 22 48 mins

This recording is a conversation between Professor Michael West and Dr Deborah Lee, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Lead for Compassionate Leadership at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Honorary Associate Professor, University College London and focusses on Compassion in Health and Care and creating a compassionate culture in organisations.

Podcast: Professor Sir Chris Ham: My vision is that ICSs should feel different to any organisation we’ve had before | NHS Confederation Health on the Line – NHS Confederation November 2021 1 hour 9 mins

Podcast: Dr Kathy McLean: Accountability needs to be to the people that we serve Health on the Line – NHS Confederation December 2021 30 mins

Dr Kathy McLean, Chair designate of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System, talks system working in the wake of the pandemic, the point of difference between integrated care boards and integrated care systems, and the role of the centre in system success. The former NHS Improvement medical director and chief operating officer also explores the shift in attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community and the progress yet to be made.

Podcast: Rob Webster: I’d love us to recognise that people are our biggest asset Confederation September 2021 36 mins

Matthew Taylor talks to ICS lead for West Yorkshire and Harrogate, and HSJ Chief Executive of the Year, Rob Webster CBE, about his view on system working, on the NHS workforce being its best asset, and how experiences within his own family have taught him important lessons about leadership and being open about our experiences.

Podcast: Ifti Majid: To be more representative means doing things differently Health on the Line – NHS Confederation September 2021

Matthew Taylor sits down with Ifti Majid, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Co-chair of the NHS Confederation’s BME Leadership Network, to discuss organisational culture in times of crisis, the characteristics of effective boards, supporting staff through the pandemic and why 4,000 handwritten notes have made a massive impact.

Podcast: Sir Richard Leese: COVID-19 has made us realise all parts of the system are equally important. Health on the Line – NHS Confederation March 2022 36 mins

Matthew Taylor speaks to Sir Richard Leese, Chair designate of Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board, about provider collaboratives and making tough decisions, lessons the system has learned from COVID-19, and the extent to which central government ‘gets’ devolution.

This recording is a conversation between Professor Michael West and Fatima Khan-Shah, Programme Director, Unpaid Carers and Personalised Care Programmes, Convener of the Race Equality Network, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership; Member of the Kings Fund Council and NHS Assembly. This conversation focusses on the importance of compassionate leadership as part of working in and across systems of health and care and its role in engaging with citizens and service users.

The NHS as an Anchor Institution

Webinar: The NHS as an anchor – Working with others to build healthier communities  The Health Foundation Feb 20 60 mins

The Health Foundation’s report on ‘Building healthier communities: the role of the NHS as an anchor institution’ explores the ways in which NHS organisations can improve the health and wellbeing of their local communities, outside of providing health care.

Podcast: Integrated care: aligning health with economic growth NHS England and NHS Improvement 2019 28 mins

Michael Wood, Head of Health Economic Partnerships at NHS Confederation leads a discussion with colleagues in Dorset integrated care system (ICS) about how place-based partnership working, particularly between the ICSs, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP), universities and others can be of enormous benefit to a system and its population.

Podcast: NHS Trusts as anchor institutions with Dr Shane Gordon or Purpose Podcast with Justine Greening Sept 2021

Dr Shane Gordon, Director of Strategy at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) talks about the important wider role that NHS Trusts can play in their local communities – from tackling health inequalities to providing a range of job opportunities.


Podcast: A new strategy for the changing world of health and social care CQC Podcast May 2021 17 min 41 sec

Chris Day, CQC Director of Engagement, Sarah Bickerstaffe, CQC Director of Policy and Strategy and Amanda Hutchinson, CQC Head of Policy for Regulatory Change discuss CQC’s new strategy, the ambitions behind it and how it’ll be implemented.

You can read the full strategy on our website: www.cqc.org.uk/Strategy2021

 Podcast: Implementing our new strategy – Developing a new regulatory model CQC Podcast Sept 2021 15 min 47 secs

Hear from our Heads of Policy Dave James and Amanda Hutchinson on our latest thinking around the evidence categories and outputs from assessments to support the development of the new regulatory model.

Podcast: Reducing Health Inequalities in areas of deprivation CQC Podcast Jan 2022 28 mins

CQC’s Annabelle Stigwood and Dr Devina Maru are joined by special guest Dr Farzana Hussain to discuss the CQC’s Regulators’ Pioneer Fund Project, which is looking at reducing health inequalities in areas of deprivation through better regulatory recognition and the sharing of best practice.

Podcast: Protecting the public and supporting staff Kings Fund January 2022 31 mins

Andrea Sutcliffe CBE, Chief Executive and Registrar of the Nursing and Midwifery Council on leadership and regulation talks about what it takes to cultivate safe, kind and effective care, getting regulation right, and what meaningful coproduction looks like.


Podcast: The finance role in addressing Health Inequalities Healthcare Financial Management Association January 2022 37 mins

Dr Bola Owolabi, director for health inequalities at NHS England and NHS Improvement; Hannah Witty, CFO at Central and Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust; and Duncan Orme, acting CFO at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, discuss health inequalities and the key role held by finance professionals in working to address them.

Podcast: Reflecting on the journey of West Yorkshire Integrated Care System Healthcare Healthcare Financial Management Association Feb 22 47 mins

Jonathan Webb, lead director of finance at West Yorkshire Integrated Care System, Jane Hazelgrave, director of finance at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, and Dawn Hanwell, chief finance officer and deputy chief executive at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, reflect on how system working has progressed in their ICS, lessons they have learned, and what the future holds as they move forward.


Podcast: Solving retention to support workforce recovery The BMJ Podcast 2022 51 mins

The covid-19 pandemic has stretched healthcare staff like never before. As part of the 2022 Nuffield Trust summit, The BMJ hosted a roundtable discussion looking at why workers leave the NHS and how staff wellbeing and retention can be improved.

Podcast: Race Equality in the NHS: On the Front Line NHS Providers Oct 2021 30 mins

This episode covers how inclusion and diversity are being implemented and supported throughout our trusts as Saffron Cordery, NHS Providers deputy chief executive, Ifti Majid, chief executive at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, and Steve McManus, chief Executive of Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, discuss the actions board members are taking to promote racial equality and be actively inclusive through their conversations and actions as leaders.

ICS Development

Webinar: ICSs and patient empowerment: Giving people better control over their own health and care? Social Care Institute for Excellence and NHS England March 2021 – 1 hour

Webinar: The opportunities for Systems to Improve patient outcomes using digital and data Social Care Institute for Excellence and NHS England March 2021 1 hour

Discussion about using digital and data to reduce helath inequalities, improve patient  outcomes and strengthen partnership working

Webinar: The benefits, capabilities and governance of Provider Collaboratives Social Care Institute for Excellence and NHS England  August 2021 1 hour

Webinar exploring the ICS Design Framework, and the practical next steps for ICS development and this webinar on 31 August explores the benefits, capabilities and governance of Provider Collaboratives and their role in systems – and in particular their relationships with place.

Webinar: Improving the quality of care through ICSs – Quality Engagement Plans Social Care Institute for Excellence and NHS England December 2021 1 hour

What is a System Quality Group? How will they support quality improvement in ICSs? This webinar summarises the National Quality Board’s Guidance on System Quality Groups and explores what it takes to be a quality-led ICS.

Webinar: Provider collaboration at scale: what is it and how do we get there? Social Care Institute for Excellence and NHS England Feb 2021 1 hour

Social Care

Podcast: Forget What You Think You Know… about adult social care Local Government Association Sept 2021 41 mins

Esther Barrott talk to Sarah Pickup, Deputy Chief Executive for the Local Government Association (LGA), to get an insight into what the social care reforms announced from government mean for councils; Sarah Rennie, a wheelchair user who requires 24-hour care to hear what she would like to see for the future of adult social care; Don Brereton, an unpaid carer for his son Sam to understand the experience of unpaid carers and Stephen Chandler, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and Director of Adult Services at Oxfordshire County Council, to hear why councils are best placed to lead on this important area


Webinar: Voluntary sector partnerships – the vital cornerstone of integrated care systems Social Care Institute for Excellence November 2021 1 hour

  • How Integrated Care Boards ICBs can engage and embed the VCSE sector in system level governance and decision making arrangements
  • How to build on the involvement of VCSE partners in forums at place and neighbourhood level
  • How to ensure the VCSE sector can be supported to remain resilient and effective as part of a wider system.

Podcast: The NHS can’t do it alone; it needs to invest in partnerships NHS Confederation March 2022 34 mins

Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive of National Voices, the leading coalition of health and social care charities in England. Sharing insights from patients and communities, Charlotte explores the pandemic, living with COVID-19 and health inequalities. She also shares details of new National Voices initiative to link people with lived experience of the health service with health professionals to help inform their approach to providing health and care.

Webinar: Making Sense of ICSs webinar: Co-producing with and engaging communities: What does good look like? Local Government Association, NHS Providers, NHS Confederation 1 hour 14 min Sept 2021

Reducing Health Inequalities

Webinar: Building back from COVID-19: tackling health inequality in partnership Social Care Institute for Excellence November 2021 1 hour

  • How to be build a coalition to the willing across local places to build a vision and plan for reducing inequalities?
  • What actions do systems need to take to tackle the systemic barriers facing black, Asian and minority ethnic groups?
  • How can we shift investment and resources towards prevention and early intervention?
  • What is the role of population health management as part of the vision for reducing inequalities?
  • What is the role of asset-based working with communities as a way to tackle health inequalities?

Webinar: Primary care: reducing health inequalities through primary care networks NHS England and NHS Improvement 2019 23 mins

Olivia Butterworth, Head of Public Participation at NHS England and NHS Improvement joins resident GP trainee Dr Will Owen to discuss health inequalities and the opportunities primary care networks offer to connect with community groups and better reflect all parts of the population they serve.

Webinar: Tackling Health Inequalities head on through partnership NHS England and NHS Improvement Dec 2021  23 mins

James Pollitt, Assistant Director of Strategic Development at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, and Jean Templeton, Chief Executive at the youth homeless charity St Basils, discuss how the NHS in their ICS is working with partners to enable social and economic development, and why other systems should be following suit.

Webinar: Closer alignment between housing and health that benefits everyone NHS England and NHS Improvement July 2021  23 mins

A discussion on how partnership working is building stronger ties between housing and health that is seeing positive outcomes for local populations. Work that is achieving vast efficiencies, while also seeing a reduction in people needing to contact their local GP or NHS111. All accomplished in part by focusing on the solution rather than the process, taking the time to get it right and remaining resilient when faced with resistance.

Podcast: Prison Health: What happens inside and outside these walls King’s Fund February 2020 34 mins

Could prisons be an opportunity to address serious health inequalities? Or do they lead to worse health for people living in prison? Anna Charles explores the health and wellbeing of people living in prison, their access to health and care services, and what happens on release. She’s joined by Dr Jake Hard, Chair of the RCGP Secure Environments Group, Christina Marriott, CEO of Revolving Doors, Chantal Edge, Public Health registrar and NIHR research fellow, and Kate Morrissey, National Implementation Lead for RECONNECT at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Webinar: Making sense of ICSs webinar: tackling health inequalities Local Government Association, NHS Providers, NHS Confederation 1 hour 13 min July 2021 1 hour 12 mins

In the latest webinar in our Making Sense of Integrated Care Systems joint series, this session focused on tackling health inequalities, helping delegates to understand what questions to ask their own systems, what support to offer and resources available from the partners LGA, NHS Confederation and NHS Providers to assist systems to address these inequalities.

Population Health

Podcast: Integrated care: population health management from the frontline NHS England and NHS Improvement July 2019  26 mins

With Population Health Management (PHM) charting the way for systems and primary care networks (PCNs) to precisely understand the people in their communities who need more support we hear from a team in Berkshire West integrated care system (ICS) already using these techniques. Bringing together colleagues from across the system – GPs, data analysts, acute specialists, third sector and many more – they started by working together more effectively then analysed data using new techniques and finally implemented local solutions to address individual patients’ needs. Their results have shown how this integrated way of working improves patient outcomes, reduces pressure on professionals and saves money. With prime examples of why PHM is a critical building block for ICSs and PCNs alike, this discussion will aid anyone wanting to efficiently deliver true personalised care and better health for decades to come.

Podcast: Integrated care: partnership working with the voluntary sector NHS England and NHS Improvement 2019  18 mins

An engaging podcast exploring the value of a joined-up way of working between systems and the voluntary sector, identifying the benefits of voluntary sector involvement in health and care partnerships and what this means for clinicians and their patients.

With excellent examples of STPs/ICS working closely with local charities and social enterprises, we hear how voluntary organisations often have an impact well beyond what statutory services alone can achieve, providing a rich range of activities and delivering vital services to local communities.

Podcast: Integrated care: how clinical leadership makes a system NHS England and NHS Improvement 2019  26 mins

Clinical leadership is key to serving the needs of local populations and making true integrated care a reality – but how can health and care systems support clinicians into these vital leadership roles? In our latest podcast, Dr Amanda Doyle, GP and leader of the Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System (ICS), is joined by Professor Des Breen, medical director for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS and Andrea Mann, one of a small group of nurses appointed as a Primary Care Network Clinical Director, to discuss how their systems are approaching the task.

Podcast: Primary care: Supporting the development of primary care networks NHS England and NHS Improvement 2019  40 mins

This episode, hosted by Dr William Owen, Clinical Fellow at NHS England, features an interview with Dr Charlotte Canniff the Clinical Chair of North West Surrey CCG and clinical lead for primary care transformation within the Surrey Heartlands ICS. In this episode, Dr Canniff talks about her passion for primary care networks and how she is supporting the development of networks in her own area, as part of the work across Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System. Access the first episode below and hit subscribe to receive all future episodes.

Net Zero

Webinar: After COP26 – what will it take to get the NHS to net zero? The Health Foundation 1hour 15 mins Dec 2021

As a significant consumer of resources, health care contributes to 4-5% of global carbon emissions. Following the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), recognition of health care’s critical role in addressing the climate crisis has never been greater with 50 national health systems making climate commitments, including 14 setting net zero targets – covering 30% of health care’s total global emissions.

The NHS is already making good progress to reduce its impact on the climate, now in the second year of delivering its strategy to reach net zero – by 2040 for the emissions it directly causes and 2045 for the emissions it influences. 

Our webinar brought together an expert panel to reflect on the outcome of COP26, the challenges and opportunities this presents for decarbonising health care and what this means for the NHS.

Podcast: Episode 35: Climate Change: a public health emergency The Provider Podcast Feb 2022 23 mins

Adam Brimelow discusses the ‘living with COVID’ plan with NHS Providers deputy chief executive Saffron Cordery. He is also joined by specialist advisor Toby Lewis, Luke O’Shea and Natalie Davies to discuss our climate change report, Climate Change is a Public Emergency. Toby discusses the context for our new report and the challenges ahead, while Luke and Natalie give examples from their respective trusts on their sustainability journey and explain how they are attempting to create a greener NHS.


Podcast: Episode 1: South West’s ambition to become the most digitally advanced region in England The NHSX National Innovation Collaborative podcast June 2021 25 mins

Dr Michael Marsh is NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Medical Director and Chief Clinical Information Officer for the South West Regional team. Alongside his colleague, Dr Stephen Trowell, they have set themselves an ambition of becoming England’s most digitally advanced NHS region.