NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

North West Region

NHS England and NHS Improvement North West region is one of seven regional teams that support the commissioning of high quality services and directly commission primary care and specialised services at a local level across England. NHS England and NHS Improvement along with 34 trusts and 30 CCGs that are in the North West region, work together to ensure communities in this region provide safe high quality care and excellent patient experience that meet their needs. There are 3 Integrated Care Systems shaping population health across the region.

Regional Leadership Academies

Local Leadership Academies offer a range of development opportunities designed to meet the needs of leaders at all levels. The focus of their offers is developed in collaboration with NHS leaders from all the service. The North West Leadership Academy works to develop compassionate leaders and the conditions for inclusive, future-focused leadership.

Over the last few years the NHS has been developing a more systematic and coordinated approach to finding and nurturing talented individuals at all levels in organisation and across the service. This approach is developing nationally, regionally and locally.

At a national level NHS England and NHS Improvement are developing a national approach to talent management through the People Plan to support the Long-Term Plan to develop a diverse and inclusive leadership community at all levels.

Organisations are developing talent management approaches using a number of talent management tools that support is at organisational level which you can find in the Leading for Great Outcomes theme.