Collaborating Well Podcasts and Webinars

These resources are built around looking at Integrated Care System (ICS) development to feed your thinking and share learning about ICS development.


Integrated care: mental health support for schools and colleges

Integrated care: partnership working with the voluntary sector

Integrated care: supporting people with complex needs

Integrated care: how clinical leadership makes a system

Integrated care: aligning health with economic growth

Integrated care: a mental health collaborative

Joined-up working that supports both patients and staff

Closer alignment between housing and health that benefits everyone

Primary and secondary teams working together to support patients waiting for care

Innovating in partnership with the voluntary sector for better mental health services

Tackling health inequalities head on through partnership

Provider collaboratives: “the engine room of ICSs”

Primary Care Networks

North Somerset Partnership Podcasts


Building trusted relationships in integrated care systems

Involving citizens in the next phase of the pandemic response

The future of place – planning recovery in partnership

Provider collaboration at scale: what is it, what are the opportunities and how do we get there?

The opportunities for systems to improve patient outcomes using digital and data

ICSs and people empowerment – how can we effectively give service users better control over their own health and care?

The benefits, capabilities and governance of Provider Collaboratives

Thriving places – Delivering services with and for our communities

Voluntary sector partnerships – the vital cornerstone of integrated care systems