NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

Digital resources and social media

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Digital resources which are condensed and easy to access are very useful when you’re tight for time. There are a range of resources from many different organisations – if you know of another useful one, let us know and we can feature it.

The King’s Fund podcast: Big ideas in health and care – a podcast about big ideas in health and care. With experts from The King’s Fund and beyond about the NHS, social care, and all things health policy and leadership. New episodes monthly.

NHS England and NHS Improvement – a YouTube channel with NHSE/I Board meetings, Long Term Plan, moving to online consultations and more – can be sorted by the most recently added content.

Health Education England (HEE) – a YouTube channel ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place.

Primary care network podcasts – part of the ongoing work to share learning, supporting the development of primary care networks across the country. The podcast is hosted by Dr William Owen, Clinical Fellow at NHS England.

NHS Assembly podcasts – the NHS Assembly brings together a range of individuals from across the health and care sectors at regular intervals to advise the joint boards of NHS England and NHS Improvement on delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP). The Assembly membership brings broad stakeholder insight and frontline experience to discussions, serving as a “guiding coalition” on implementation of the improvements outlined in the plan.

Health Service Journal Health Check – interviews and comment podcasts on current issues.

NHS Providers – Provider bites – a provider podcast perspectives on current issues.

Podcasts: Thinking differently about social care – Think Local Act Personal – a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support.

Social Media

Resource: Getting started on Twitter guide – Wired, 2018.

You may already use social media on a personal basis to keep in touch with friends and family via Facebook or Twitter for instance or look for decorating ideas via Pinterest or share photos on Instagram.

Your organisation is likely to have a Twitter and or a Facebook account. Social media, if used judiciously, is a powerful way to focus key messages and reach lots of people quickly.

Your Comms function will be able to support you in thinking about how you can use social media to highlight the work of your organisation, and how you might use it to raise the profile of your leadership and style with your staff, the public and other organisations.

If you follow organisations like NHS England, The King’s Fund, and The Nuffield Trust on Twitter, for example, you might also like to look at who they are following since they are interested in the same things as you and you can then decide if you want to follow them too. This is a quick way to build up a feed from similarly focused organisations and people, although of course beware creating echo chambers where you only see things that are congruent with your views. You can avoid this by following a wider variety of organisations.