New Personal communication and impact

Communication and impact

Marshall Ganz, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, introducing his influential model on public narrative. This emphasises the need for motivation people and having a rational strategy in order to engage and assure others, recognising valuing through emotional mapping.

A research paper from CIPD with a focus on the nature of leadership communication required for effective employee voice as a core component of organisational inclusivity.

This study examines the effects of inclusive leadership and internal communication on active information behaviours of employees within their companies.

Strategies, tactics and helpful advice from those on the front lines on how you can transform your leaders and managers into truly exceptional communicators.

Interviews with executive board members, most of whom had worked in journalism. Presents eight competencies of senior NHS communicators: Persuading and influencing; Managing under pressure; Upholding reputation of the service; Presenting and communicating; Taking action; Understanding the bigger picture; Building strong relationships; and consulting and involving.