New NED and chair competencies and appraisals

NED and chair competencies and appraisals

An effective appraisal process is important to ensure that chairs and non-executives feel motivated, well supported and confident to deal with the many issues and challenges they will face in their role. An effective appraisal will enable chairs and non-executives to evaluate their performance, receive constructive feedback, build upon strengths and address any areas for development.

The NHS provider chair development framework also offers guidance on best practice expectations for the chair’s role and describes the skills, experience and attributes in a draft person specification for the role. If you are in a Foundation Trust, the Code of Governance sets out that the appraisal process is led by the Senior Independent Director (SID) and supported by the Council of
Governors’ Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Ideally chair appraisals should be completed by the end of the first quarter of each year, with a copy sent to NHS England Chair, and Amanda Pritchard via [email protected] by the end of the following June. Though submission is not a requirement for Foundation Trusts, if all organisations submit appraisals it will enable a better understanding and response to the collective support and development needs of the wider provider chair community.

Chairs of NHS trusts are responsible for ensuring that non-executive directors receive regular appraisals of their performance, at least annually. Trusts can determine the approach to appraisal that is most relevant to their local circumstances.