New Understanding the NHS

Understanding the NHS

Details of health arm’s length bodies and links to their websites – helpful for understanding the range of organisations engaged around health. Updated Nov 2021

Key pieces of The King’s Fund work including podcasts, extensive “explainer articles” and thought pieces around health and social care across policy areas and delivery challenges

This interactive timeline brings 75 years of reform and change in the National Health Service to life, charting the evolution of this public institution from its inception in the post-war years through to the present day. Scroll down to view the entries chronologically, or use the menu on the left-hand side to jump to a specific decade.

These documents set out the headlines for how we will ask NHS leaders and organisations to operate with their partners in Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) from July 2022 and guidance in respect of what the employment commitment is, its application in practice and how it affects people.

This page from the Nuffield Trust covers a wide range of resources and signposting which includes policy, numbers and data explained, toolkits and methods and a “topics explained” section where the Nuffield Trust delve deeper into subjects relevant to the health service.