New Relationships and networks

Relationships and networks

Two year follow-up on a cohort of 30 managers making their way through a leadership transition, an inflection point in their careers that challenges them to rethink both themselves and their roles.

A collection of McKinsey insights focusing on boards of directors including:

  • The role of the board – which activities should the board engage in, and how?
  • Board structure and foundations – what foundation do you need to deliver on increasing expectations?
  • Board effectiveness – how can you increase the overall effectiveness and impact of your board?

What sort of board are we? What mode are we operating in? Are we behaving in the right way at the right time?

The strong relationship between leadership capability and performance is well demonstrated in the evidence. Good leadership leads to a good organisational climate. Good organisational climates leads, via improved staff satisfaction and loyalty, to sustainable, high performing organisations.