Collaboration Platforms

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Collaboration Platforms

There a number of membership platforms supporting collaboration across health and social care. Some have member profiles to enable new and wider collaboration. They are vibrant spaces where people from across health and social care come together to share approaches, tools and learning.

NHS Networks supports innovation and improvement in health and care, and the role of networks in promoting learning and change. To provide a common space in which leaders, clinicians, managers and support staff and their partners beyond the NHS can explore ideas, pool experience, solve problems and share information.

FutureNHS is an online community open to anyone working in or for health and social care, with an active member base from many local, regional and national organisations. It offers a safe and secure space to share work and connect with others.

CHAIN – Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network. CHAIN is open to anyone working in health and social care who is willing to share experience and aspirations, and being prepared to respond to other members’ questions is the only criteria for joining CHAIN.

Source4networks is committed to curating and sharing the most comprehensive and best knowledge around network leadership in health, social care and charity sectors. It shares the latest academic research and reflects current practice through practical case studies. 

Fab NHS Stuff – an online resource that enables and facilitates the sharing of innovative ideas and best practice from across the NHS. It includes over 3000 examples of ‘stuff’ – improvement approaches that have improved patient experience, safety and care.

AQuA Knowledge Xchange is an online platform with resources including publications, toolkits, videos, case studies and documents around the following themes; analytics & business intelligence, communications & engagement, improvement, leadership, person centred care, safety, systems working and workforce wellbeing. The platform is regularly updated with relevant resources that are free to access.