Setting strategy and delivering long term transformation

Setting strategy and delivering long term transformation

The Covid pandemic has driven innovation and use of digital technology in ways that were previously unimaginable. The learning from this period has enabled the service to develop and adopt proven innovations to improve patient care and population health outcomes. To continue this and build on the existing expertise NHS leaders need to maintain that innovation and combine it with systems thinking to drive long term transformation of services across patient pathways reaching into social care and communities. This approach supports the development of strategies which maintain a focus both on patients and staff leading to the successful delivery of safe high-quality care and great patient experience. In addition the development of Integrated Care Systems reflects the increasing need and expectation for transformational change across both health and social care boundaries. Transformational change is complex, emergent and dynamic requiring new, non-traditional forms of leadership which are highly relational and persuasive.

When setting strategy in a systems world, it is essential to understand the perspectives of partner organisations. As systems develop around us the ways we make an impact will develop too. You may wish to also take a look at the Building Trusted Relationships with Partners and Communities page.

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Guidance: Delivering a quality public health function in integrated care boards – published by NHS England on 7 November 2022

GuidanceGuidance on the preparation of integrated care strategies – Department of Health and Social Care – published 29th July 2022. This is guidance for integrated care partnerships on the preparation of integrated care strategies.

Blog: If the ICB board culture isn’t right, it simply won’t work – NHS Confederation, 26 July 2022 – Lena Samuels is chair of Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB

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Video: Summit 2020: Panel discussion – How are ICSs, ICPs and PCNs progressing? Nuffield Trust – views from partners across systems discussing practical and transformational change and improvements that are being planned and delivered.

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Resources: NHS Horizons – How to spread and innovate NHS Horizons tune into the latest change thinking and practice in healthcare and other industries around the world – translating this learning into innovative, practical approaches to change for the NHS.

ICS Guidance Hub –  In this workspace, you will find the latest suite of guidance and resources to support ICS transition and development. 

Report: Achieving scale and spread: Learning for innovators and policy-makers Nuffield Trust. The focus on innovation to support deliver transformational change is clear.

Report: Topol Review, Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future – identifies how technological developments in four areas – genomics, artificial intelligence, digital medicine and robotics – will change the roles, functions and training of clinical staff of all disciplines over the next two decades. The NHS Constitution, February 2019

Network: ICS Development Hub – Join this network on the NHS Futures platform to access latest guidance and the Integrated Care Learning Network, an online space for colleagues working across health and care systems to come together and share experiences, knowledge and good practice. It contains up to date policy information and access to a range of system working networks and case studies.

The next practical steps for Integrated Care Systems

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