After COP26 – what will it take to get the NHS to net zero?


After COP26 – what will it take to get the NHS to net zero? 

The Health Foundation – 1hour 15 mins Dec 2021

As a significant consumer of resources, health care contributes to 4-5% of global carbon emissions. Following the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), recognition of health care’s critical role in addressing the climate crisis has never been greater with 50 national health systems making climate commitments, including 14 setting net zero targets – covering 30% of health care’s total global emissions.

The NHS is already making good progress to reduce its impact on the climate, now in the second year of delivering its strategy to reach net zero – by 2040 for the emissions it directly causes and 2045 for the emissions it influences. 

Our webinar brought together an expert panel to reflect on the outcome of COP26, the challenges and opportunities this presents for decarbonising health care and what this means for the NHS.