Competency Frameworks

These competency frameworks have been designed to support the development of leaders through defining clear responsibilities and competencies for executive and non-executive roles. The frameworks support senior leaders to create the conditions where all Board members are effective and acting in concert, whilst also maintaining their own individual responsibilities.

In relation to onboarding, the value of competency frameworks is to think about your own competencies and skillsets when arriving in post and consider what kind of development you may wish to undertake to further develop your skills in the specific competency domains. You will also use these domains working with your direct reports to think about their development needs in relation to board talent pipelines.

Competency Frameworks – further Board role frameworks to be added over 2021

The role of the NHS provider chair: a framework for development contains the appraisal process and Chair competency framework – the Chair is responsible for the effective leadership of the Board and, together with the Chief Executive, sets the tone for the whole organisation, including how it feels to work within the trust and how closely the trust demonstrates the values of the NHS.