New System leadership tools and resources

System leadership tools and resources

Masterclass recording on how to develop a ‘system mind-set’ to enable a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, within the context of flow across systems

  • An introduction to systems thinking, a short summary of what systems thinking is, when it is useful and why it can be beneficial to work
  • the systems thinking journey, which expands on the content within the introduction to systems thinking and maps 5 systems thinking principles to different stages of the policy design process
  • the systems thinking toolkit, which contains step-by-step instructions on how to use 11 systems thinking tools
  • the systems thinking case study bank, which contains a collection of 14 personal testimonials from civil servants on their experiences of using systems thinking in their work

Resources, consultancy and training on integrating health, care and related services. Includes guides, models and evidence to support local areas, integrated care organisations, sustainability and transformation plans, care and health providers and commissioners.

Insights and learning on what makes for successful digital innovation in health and social care

Stories from places around the country that have looked to use Systems Leadership to make progress on knotty and complex issues – not just the successes but the hurdles that people have overcome and what’s happened as a result. There are some brief case studies in there as well.

A compendium of models, theories and approaches drawing on what the Leadership Centre considers Systems Leadership Enablers. The chapters on adaptive leadership and complexity have been highly recommended. The Leadership Centre, 2015