NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

Induction programmes, networks and development

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A comprehensive local induction programme is critical to the success of new chairs and non-executive directors. Your individual trusts will determine how they are delivered depending on local circumstances, but an overview of areas that should be covered is set out in NHS Improvement’s guidance.

Participation in more formal induction training is also important and NHS Improvement are working with NHS Providers to offer a structured induction programme for all new appointees – NHS Providers non-executive director induction. Further information is available on their website.

The NHS foundation trusts: Code of Governance and The Healthy NHS board outline principles for good governance to support boards in exercising their responsibility to put quality at the heart of all they do.

Chair networks – NHS Improvement co-ordinate events for provider chairs to discuss topical issues and challenges and to receive an update on what’s happening in their region. Email the Non-Executive Development Manager, Keely Howard for more information. 

Some other Induction and ongoing development opportunities which may interest you are listed below:

NHS Provider Networks – Chairs and Non Executive directors

NHS Non-Executive Director events programme by PWC

Being an effective Non-Executive Director by the Civil Service College

The Seacole Group – a network for BAME non-executive directors in the NHS