NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

Your well-being during and beyond the COVID pandemic

Leading an NHS organisation can be challenging and pressured at any time. The COVID pandemic continues to have an enormous impact on services and people working in the NHS. It is especially important to take care of yourself to enable you to support and lead staff and ensure the best service for patients – during and beyond this time. There is support available to you and your staff at the Supporting Our People page, with specific resources for senior leaders also available in the Executive Suite.

Who is this for ?

These resources are designed to support senior leaders working in any part of the system or the partnership delivery structures in developing your leadership in a complex and changing landscape. In addition to these resources there are specific elements for Chairs and Non Executive Directors here, as well as a specific offer for people newly appointed to Integrated Care Boards.

If you are new to the NHS, or working in partnership with it, the Governance, Assurance and Understanding the NHS page has useful resources to support you in understanding the systems around you.

These resources have been designed to complement your local induction. We’ve grouped resources around key competencies that support senior and aspiring senior leaders in delivering safe high quality care, great patient experience and improving population health. If you think this site could be even better…please send suggestions to [email protected]

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Have you ever thought about becoming a Chair or a Non-executive Director at some point in the future?

N.B. The signposting on this website is not intended as an endorsement but to support your thinking in your new role.


National onboarding resources for senior leaders