NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support

Your well-being during the COVID 19 pandemic

Leading an NHS organisation can be challenging and pressured at any time. During this global pandemic it is especially important to take care of yourself to enable you to support and lead staff and ensure the best service for patients – during and beyond this time. There is support available to you and your staff at the Our NHS People website, with specific resources for senior leaders in the Executive Suite. Your existing peer and regional networks can also be great support. Thank you for everything you are doing.


The resources and signposting on this website are designed to support you in getting into your stride in your new NHS senior leadership role, whatever your path to leadership has been and whatever kind of NHS organisation or function you lead.

You will have had a local induction and the resources on this website are designed to complement that.

At the top of the page, we’ve grouped resources by the themes that senior and aspiring senior leaders have told us would have really helped them when new in post. And below, you’ll find other resources and links to support you in your new role. If you think this site could be even better…please send suggestions to [email protected]

N.B. The signposting on this website is not intended as an endorsement but to support your thinking in your new role.

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